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The November Ordinary Meeting took place in the Community Centre on Wednesday 9th and was attended by four councillors, the Clerk, District Councillor P. Seccombe, Mr. D.Martin representing the Community Centre, and two members of the public.

Mr.Martin reported that considerable refurbishment work had taken place in the Centre’s ladies’ toilets and there was just redecoration required to complete the upgrade. The Parish Council agreed to fund this from the annual allocation set aside for the premises and would consider assigning the balance towards provision of data projection facilities for the Lounge.

Councillor Seccombe reported that the District Council was in the throes of budget setting for 2017-18 and in his capacity as Police and Crime Commissioner he also advised that having spent some time with the Shipston SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) he considered they are performing a very useful service covering a large geographical area.

The meeting heard that a plea had been received from a Fulready resident requesting some means of traffic calming as vehicles are passing through the hamlet far too fast despite the speed restrictions, and there is no warning sign prior to the sharp bend in the road as it enters the populated zone. It was resolved that the Clerk should write to the Highways Dept. requesting the installation of chevrons to alert drivers on approach to the bend. A complaint had also been received from a Hillman Way resident regarding obstructive parking around and partly on the green. Details of the company responsible for maintenance of the green would be conveyed to the complainant in order that he might suggest it would be in their interests to install preventative measures on the perimeter.

With regard to a planning application for the erection of a monopole satellite mast in The Chase grounds the Council resolved that since the deadline for objection, which would most probably have been futile, had passed the Clerk would write to the relevant officer expressing the wish that the potential eyesore should at least be the camouflaged variant. Meanwhile, tree preservation orders on the oak trees adjacent to the site would be sought in order to protect them from tampering. Planning notices in respect of recommended alterations to the proposed shop site at 6, Banbury Rd. were noted without objection but the Clerk would reiterate to the Planning Office the Council’s continued concern about the street scene implications relating to alterations advised in a notice relating to the White Horse application.

The stretch of footpath by David’s Orchard paddock along Rogers Lane is blocked by overhanging vegetation as is the public footpath off Hockley lane. The relevant owners of the offending hedges will be approached in writing by the Clerk to take remedial action.

Having deliberated over all the evidence available on the merits and de-merits of public access defibrillators and bearing in mind the presence of a thriving First Responder team the Parish Council resolved that such an installation would not be pursued. The meeting heard that BT is abandoning telephone boxes nationwide and the PC had been asked if it wished to adopt the box situated at the entrance to Churchill Close. It was agreed that it is a feature worth keeping and at a future meeting what useful purpose it might serve will be discussed.

Cllrs. Smith and Hawksworth reported on the success of the consultation that had taken place with the youth of the village and had drawn the conclusion that a wheeled play area, a youth shelter and a green gym would be welcome assets to the village facilities. They pledged to reconvene with the young parishioners in order to enlist their support in moving forward with the project as they should contribute by fund-raising means and help take ownership of the scheme albeit the PC will be the principal finance provider.



Please come along and if you have a village related issue you wish to air there is an opportunity for members of the public to speak for 3 minutes on any matter at every meeting.

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