On Line Reporting of Public Rights of Way Issues

Warwickshire County Council have introduced an on-line reporting system for Public Rights of Way Issues – just go to the line https://rowreporting.warwickshire.gov.uk/CAMSWeb/standardmap.aspx

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2 Responses to On Line Reporting of Public Rights of Way Issues

  1. Mrs. Nathan says:

    The public footpath/right of way from the kissing gate in Hillman Way accessed from the field behind Nelson Close into the footpath running to the side of and into Hockley Lane Ettington has been blocked off by overgrown vegetation and property borders encroaching onto the right of way. A property known as the Orchard appears to have placed wooden fencing which runs into the pathway so making it narrower. The path is completely overgrown and was such a lovely route, one of many around our village. Could it be added to a job list please and cleared.

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