Parish Council News – September 2017

Parish Council News (September)

The September meeting took place on Wednesday 13th and was attended by 11 members of the public, the chairman of the Community Centre Management Committee, the Clerk, and 5 Parish Councillors.  Matters raised by the public included the depositing of manure/mud on Kents Lane by farm vehicles; the unkempt hedging on Rogers Lane; maintenance of the greens off Hillman Way;  fly tipping on the Halford Rd. and the submersion of its footpath in vegetation; and the non-functioning flashing speed limit sign at the entrance to the village. Councillors pledged to discuss new issues at the October meeting and the Clerk was asked to chase previously raised matters with the relevant authorities. Details of the management company responsible for the upkeep of Hillman Way greens were conveyed to the complainants.

The meeting was addressed by a representative of the local village Speedwatch groups and the Council agreed to lend its support to their attempts to sharpen up and harden the Police response to offending drivers. Apologies for absence had been received from our District and County Councillors and so there was no submission from those bodies.

On planning matters it had been hoped that a representative from the Spitfire housing development might appear in order that they could hear and respond to the many concerns about their operation and apparent disregard for conditions imposed by the local planning office and the appeal inspector. The Clerk reported on her several communications with the planning office enforcement section and their limited success. It was resolved that she should attempt to establish and obtain copies of the set of plans to which the contractors should be working as there is clearly more than one in use and that our District Councillor be invited to meet with one or more parish Councillors to hear our concerns. The Council also elected to put forward to Spitfire its own democratically selected road names for the site (Hay Meadows and Smithy’s Lane) as the developer’s proposal was deemed inappropriate. It was noted that permission for the construction of 6 houses on the site off Rogers lane between Ryepiece Barn and David’s Orchard had been granted and the developer’s representative reported that work would probably commence in January 2018. The PC agreed to adopt and arrange management of a “Community Orchard” which will be a feature of the development.

It was reported that discussions with Ettington Rovers and Ettington Veterans football clubs had been fruitful and the PC resolved to approve the formal agreements compiled. One outcome was a request for the installation of a ‘dog poo’ bin in the vicinity of the pitch and the Clerk was charged to progress the purchase.

The PC also made the following resolutions: to circulate a reminder to properties backing on to the playing field that the use of gates in their boundary fences to access the fields is a privilege that could be withdrawn if abused; that the owners of the hedges flanking Rogers Lane from Ryepiece Barn along to the houses be asked to trim and cut them back;  that a free Legacy Tree be sought (hopefully to be planted as part of WW1 commemorations); and to commission our Tree Surgeons to rip out the now unsightly overgrown hedge between the Playing Field and 50 Banbury Rd and replace in the Spring with some fast growing species.

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