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The Clerk,  Cllr.Seccombe, 7 members of the public, and all six Parish Council members attended the Ordinary Meeting held on 10th October in the Community Centre Lounge. The main item of discussion was the safety of the secondary school pupils who congregate at the bus stop at the end of Rogers Lane. They number upwards of 40, there is inadequate off-road standing space, and there is a blind corner on the approach from Banbury. Motorists trying to exit from Rogers lane are also compromised and near misses are often experienced. A concerned parishioner has had a useful correspondence with the schools transport officer at W.C.C. who initially proposed a relocation of the schools pick-up point to the layby opposite Chestnut Close. However, the authority then took the view that there would be insufficient room there for the ‘swing ‘ of the buses entering the layby. A subsequent informal discussion with the driver of a coach which was actually parked there one day refuted this notion.  It was resolved that the idea should be pursued further using images of the parked coach and adding the support of the County Councillor and the Parish Council (PC).  The PC would also contact for their reactions the householders whose frontages and driveways might be affected.

In her comments to the meeting the Cty. Cllr. alluded to the financial difficulties being experienced by certain county authorities (e.g. Northants) and assured the meeting that Warwickshire by contrast is in a relatively healthy position with the half-year out-turn indicating a modest underspend. She pledged to relay Open Forum concerns over excessive speeding through the village by the police outriders during the recent Tour of Britain cycle race. With her help, too, it is hoped that WCC Footpaths section can arrange for the depositing of wood chippings at the bottom of the old Halford Rd. in order for the path to remain passable during Winter.  Cllr. Seccombe also reported that WCC Highways are considering a change of post code for the PURE recycling centre in order to alleviate the problem of juggernauts straying into the village and turning around at the Old Warwick Rd. junction.

News from the Community Centre Management Committee included reports of anti-social behaviour on the car park (much vehicular movement, loud music and evidence of drug wraps). CCTV recordings are being checked and the police have been informed. From the Open Forum agenda item a parishioner had relayed concerns that a large quantity of wooden pallets had accumulated outside a Rogers lane property presumably for wood-burner  fuel.  Such timber is a pollutant if burnt and the Clerk will establish what, if any, action can be taken.

Under planning matters the Clerk reported that the District Council (DC) enforcement officer had advised following last month’s query that the White Horse Development is progressing in accordance with the latest plans. No-one present has found such plans on the DC portal and so the Clerk will pursue. The PC pledged to lend its support to an application by the owner for a change of use to residential of the former Post Office/Stores premises at 29, Banbury Rd.

The Youth Project team reported that Canvas Spaces has been awarded the contract to provide and construct the proposed skate park. The project will now progress after further consultations twixt the designers and Youth Council members .

Next Meeting – Wednesday 14th November, 19.30hrs – Community Centre Lounge.

Don’t forget to be involved in the forthcoming WW1 commemoration events – details in on Facebook, on the internet and via fliers to your homes.

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  1. Andrew Walker says:

    I would like to point out that burning wood is a lot less polluting that burning kerosene coal or gas. The timber pallets are indeed intended for burning on my 73.6% efficient wood burning boiler stove. The pallets I am burning are heat treated single use pallets and would have been sent to landfill. I have spoken to environmental health at Stratford district council regarding this matter in the past who advised me that there is not a problem.

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