Warwickshire Insights

Warwickshire Insights (https://data.warwickshire.gov.uk/) is an updated version of the Council’s local information system, providing statistical information about local areas in Warwickshire, along with interactive mapping and reporting tools to inform decision making. The tool provides intelligence from across the Business Intelligence service  and replaces a number of tools, including the old Warwickshire Observatory website.

Warwickshire Insights allows anyone interested in local data to access information on the population of Warwickshire, and at various geographical levels within Warwickshire including district and borough, ward, electoral division and lower super output area (LSOA). In addition the tool has been developed with the place-based Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) in mind allowing users to access data for the 22 JSNA areas via the JSNA tab.

Users can find data on demographics, deprivation, health, social care, education and economic indicators. The content of Warwickshire Insights will continue to be developed, including adding new datasets as they become available.

For further information and to provide feedback contact insight@warwickshire.gov.uk. We would like to hear how the tool is being used, along with suggestions for additional data that would be useful to include.

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