Community Centre News (June 2019)


At its May meeting the Management Committee (MC) decided that the last known version of the constitution was outdated. Great work by new Secretary, Steve Austin, yielded a draft for a new one which, with tweaks before and during the June meeting, was duly adopted and paves the way for an AGM which will take place on 2nd July. Long serving Bookings Secretary, Gema Batchelor, has with regret felt the need to relinquish her position – sincere thanks for her sterling service over the years were accorded – but Eva Lowe who has adopted the role was welcomed to the MC team. Some supplementary heating equipment has been acquired for the Hall where the temperature sometimes draws complaint. This has been funded via the annual grant from the Parish Council which has also agreed to fund the services of the Clerk to produce a robust set of governances to support the new constitution. The June meeting resolved to seek the advice of a heating systems consultant to establish whether the hefty energy bills can be reduced by better utilisation of the existing sources, and there was further deliberation on the subject of safe access to the upper floor.


Recruitment of a Cleaner. Do you fancy some part-time, paid self-employed work? This task has been carried out hitherto by Eva who is now Bookings Secretary and cannot do both. Look out for the details when broadcast if you are interested.

The Community Centre AGM – Tuesday 2nd July at 7.30pm in the Lounge. Please come along and discover what is entailed in keeping our Centre, which is the envy of villages and small towns in the district, functioning. Everyone is welcome and your attendance will not commit you to joining the MC but there will be vacancies and a desperate need for a chairperson.

Rugby World Cup in the Autumn. Why not watch the principal matches on the big screen in a convivial family atmosphere with friendly banter amongst supporters of rival nations? If there is sufficient interest arrangements can be made – let us know.


The wonderful building we have needs considerable funding to keep it in good shape and we can all do our bit by:

Supporting the fund-raising functions e.g. Bingo, movies for kids, big screen sports

Spreading the word about the excellent facilities to people in the locality – friends, work colleagues, employers. It boasts good parking, a quality commercial kitchen, built in audio visual kit, three variable sized rooms – everything that is needed for parties, meetings, training and indoor activities.


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