Parish Council News (June 2019)

There were 3 Parish Councillors, the Clerk, the County Councillor and 7 members of the public in attendance at the June meeting. Cllr. David Hughes was elected as Chair, there having been no nominations for the office at the May meeting. County Cllr. Seccombe gave a brief description of the County’s plans to enhance its commitment to the ‘Military Covenant’ (a support service for war veterans, armed services leavers and their families) via development of the old Bramcote Barracks with the help of Balfour Beatty, the road maintenance contractor. She reported that the Womens Cycle Tour had taken place that day with the Hill Climb stage in our locality this year. Last year the event had drawn an estimated income of £1.5M into the county. The men’s event will be passing through the county on 13th September.

From the public forum a complaint by a parishioner about the noise which emanates from Caffeine and Machine was countered by the proprietors who were in attendance and outlined the measures they are taking in an attempt to ensure their patrons drive and behave in a neighbour friendly and responsible way. Cllr. Seccombe praised their efforts but warned that she would be maintaining a close eye on developments. A resident also expressed concerns about the encroaching vegetation on both sides of School Lane and it was resolved that the Clerk should contact the tenants of the offending property and the land agent. Cllr. Henry reported that an Avon Close resident wished to complain about the flooding of a number of their gardens that has taken place recently as a consequence of the Spitfire development adjacent. Measures taken to prevent such do not address the issue but rather exacerbate the situation. The Clerk will alert SDC Building Control and advise Spitfire of the action. A dismayed resident of Kents Lane queried via Cllr. Hughes why after 8 weeks the traffic lights associated with the 5-week pipework job are still in place with no end to the works in sight. It was agreed the Clerk would check whether the timescale on WCC’s road disruption notice is being violated.

On Planning notices the meeting resolved to reiterate its original concerns regarding flooding potential to the Banbury Rd. properties from the proposed development behind as the latest plan to overcome the threat again fails to address the problem.

The meeting resolved to convey a letter of thanks to former Cllr. Holton who had stood down prior to the May elections owing to a change of employment which would impinge on her availability. She had been a stalwart for several years.

It had been brought to the attention of the Clerk that the paintwork on the stanchions supporting the playground swings has flaked and is very rough and was resolved that a contractor to effect the remedial work would be sought. Progress had been made on the skatepark project with the chosen provider having revised its quotation to match the original estimate and the way is now open to apply for the requisite planning permissions.


NEXT MEETING – 19.30hrs Wed. 10th July in the Community Centre Lounge.

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