Engagement of Planning Consultant

The Steering Group recently engaged Avon Planning Serviceshttp://www.avonplanning.co.uk/ to provide support in advancing the Neighbourhood Plan.  Neal Pearce of APS attended the Steering Group of 24 February and presented the Project Plan Ettington NDP Master Spreadsheet – v2 which outlines stages and timescales.  APS are very experienced in Neighbourhood Planning and are currently supporting 14 Parish Councils at various stages in development of their plans.


Draft Plan

The Steering Group has developed a draft plan and will be meeting with Stratford District Council to consider changes they have suggested.  Following that meeting a meeting will be held with a Planning Consultant to agree what the his input should be in supporting the further development/finalisation of the plan.  The draft plan is available Ettington and Fulready Neighbourhood draft plan 18 December and will be presented to the Parish Council at their next meeting on 13 January 2015.


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering group have produced a newsletter to update parishioners on progress to date it can be found Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter


From 6 June 2015

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have commissioned a Biodiversity Survey which can be found by clicking on the Evidence tab under Neighbourhood Plan.  The Plan will be funded from a grant from “Groundworks” which has recently been granted to the Parish Council for the purpose of advancing the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Grant, of £999 will also be used to fund publicity materials.