Ettington Parish Council

The ordinary meeting held on 10th February was attended by the Clerk, four Parish Councillors, the ward County Councillor, Sarah Brooke-Taylor of Warwickshire Rural Communities Council (WRCC) and 8 members of the public.

It was noted that the ‘Sugarnet’ broadband facility whose dish has been erected on the Community would be going live on 22nd February; and reported that a group of particularly interested residents had submitted a traffic consultant’s report to enhance the argument against the Spitfire Development appeal. County Councillor Seccombe outlined the state of play regarding the County’s budgets and announced that Warwickshire will be blessed with a stage of the 2016 International Cycle Race that will skirt our area and culminate in Stratford. She also discussed the pros and cons of Stratford District Council’s decision to attach to the proposed Birmingham Super Region given the County Council’s indifference.

Ms. Brooke-Taylor described the process and introduced the documentation involved in conducting a Housing Needs Survey. It is 5 years since one was carried out in Ettington and a new survey is now required not least because of its relevance to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council considered and resolved not to challenge various planning applications for modifications to existing dwellings but chose to raise an objection against a ‘change of use’ application for the conversion of farm buildings to two dwellings at Manor Barn, Fulready. Cllr. Seccombe agreed to alert the County Council’s footpath department to the blockage at the end of the Old Halford Rd. and request a solution.

December 15 and January 16 Parish Council News

Only 3 Parish Councillors were available to attend each of these meetings – testament to the fact that there is a desperate need for more residents to volunteer to be co-opted as 3 is the minimum number required for meetings to take place. Readers please note and consider whether you might be amenable to joining.

Planning matters again occupied a large proportion of both meetings. In summary, submissions were heard from the agents concerned in respect of the land off Rogers Lane known as David’s Orchard and the field between Old Warwick Rd. and Kents Lane. An application for the construction of 8 houses on the former has yet to be submitted, the owner and agent being in continued discussions with all the nearby residents; an application has now been lodged for the latter in respect of twelve “self-build plots” (a new concept where the agent sets up the site with services, etc. and sells plots to individuals for them to arrange their own construction according to various rules related to size, appearance and time constraints.) With regard to the O.W.Rd. application the Council decided against objection in principle but agreed to request the right for comment on reserved matters and to express dismay that no affordable housing or Section 106 (CIL) funding would emerge from it. It was noted that an appeal had been lodged by Spitfire Developments against the District Council’s rejection of their application to build 32 houses to the rear of The Chequers and resolved that the PC would submit an objection in support of the DC’s stance to the Inspectorate. Likewise, an objection to the ADAS appeal against the DC’s rejection of the poultry farm application at Fulready would be lodged. The Clerk reported that registration of the White Horse as a Community Asset had been completed and that application to have it Listed was in progress. It was noted that the DC, in light of its successful identification of a 5-year land supply for development, had decided to revisit 5 of the applications which Planning Committee had previously passed. This includes the 14-house proposal to the rear of 81 Banbury Rd. and the PC will make further representation when it is reconsidered.

At the December meeting the owner of The Chequers explained that although the premises and business is for sale (and has been for 6 months) the intention would be to sell it only to a buyer with the right credentials to maintain it as a thriving concern. This allayed the fears of the PC as they had been considering whether to seek Community Asset registration. In January the village shop proprietor outlined  to the meeting proposals he has in mind for relocation of the shop because of the non-accessibility and lack of parking at the current premises. Potential sites are No.6 Banbury Rd. which he has acquired, or possibly on the White Horse car park subject to negotiation with the owner and planning permissions.

The Community Centre reports informed the meetings that a new, faster Broadband solution had been found via a company called Sugarnet who will also service (for a fee) individual subscribers as well as businesses. The PC agreed that a satellite dish to receive and transmit the facility could be erected on the gable end of the building.

The PC approved a grant of £200 + vat in respect of the purchase of equipment for a group of concerned villagers led by Mr. Geoff Wells who have volunteered and been trained via the Shipston Safer Neighbourhood initiative as “speeding” monitors. It was reported in January that the team had already carried out some monitoring using borrowed kit and logged numerous vehicles exceeding the limit particularly during the early morning rush hour.


CLEAN for the QUEEN Weekend: 4-6 March 2016

Keep Britain Tidy has appealed to organisations to support this event which they are championing to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. The Parish Council felt it would be fitting if all residents of Ettington and Fulready would make a special effort that weekend and take it upon themselves to ensure that the areas on and around their own properties/estates and those of friends/neighbours who might have difficulty so doing are litter free and tidy.

Please support the initiative.