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Ettington Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version – Draft v2.compressed

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1 Response to Ettington Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version – Draft v2.compressed

  1. Anthony Ashfield says:

    I think the neighbourhood plan is very comprehensive and, broadly speaking I support it. Specific comments that I do have are:
    In housing policy H5, reference is made to the management of dormers (item J in the table). Being a resident of Cherry close where we have seen three substantial dormers go up in the last 12 months. How will the Parish and District Council manage this in the future?
    Services. There is mention of the Parish encouraging improved services such as broadband and Mains gas. Can we include more robust electricity supply too? I have a senior relative (84 years) and a sister-in-law & family living up Old Warwick Road and Banbury Road opposite the Church and their electricity supply has regularly been cut off even in recent years due to the old substation at that end of the village. Please mention electricity supply in the next version.
    Allotments. The photo you use does not appear to be one from Old Warwick Road. There is also an untended allotment down school alley. Years ago, allotments used to be opposite the old Church but this is not earmarked as a potential new site for more allotments. Sorry but I don’t recognize this as an issue.
    Leases for land not owned but used by the Parish e.g. Sports field. I think the plan would benefit if the date that existing leases were due for renewal were included so that whoever is responsible for managing the parish plan going forward has a clear idea when they need to act on renewing leases etc so that this sort of activity is led by the parish well in advance and not a knee-jerk reaction to the owners of the land.

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