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Ettington Parish Council

Notice of Change of Meeting Dates

An Extraordinary Meeting of Ettington Parish Council will be held on 6 July 2016. The Ordinary Meeting scheduled for 13 July will be postponed until 27 July at 8.00 in the Main Hall at the Community Centre.

These changes have been necessitated by two Planning Applications

16/01941/COUQ Manor Barn, Fulready

16/01773/FUL Land off Rogers Lane, Ettington


As part of the Neighbourhood Planning process a Health Needs Assessment is being undertaken and a questionnaire will be dropping through your letterbox over the weekend of 23-25 June 2016.  Have your say by completing and returning the questionnaire additional copies of which can be found Ettington HNS form June2016 together with the explanatory letter Ettington HNS cover letter June2016


The June ‘Ordinary’ meeting took place on Wed. 8th with three Councillors, the Clerk, our District and County Councillors, and 8 others in attendance.

Mr. D. Martin reported that progress is being made to implement the capital projects agreed in May with the new furnishings for the Small Hall now in place and the expectation that the digital projector purchased for it would be installed by the end of the month. Steps are being taken to update the Land Registry documentation with an updated list of the trustees. There was discussion concerning whether the building should be an item on the Parish Council’s asset register and the Clerk will undertake some research to resolve the query.

County Councillor Izzie Seccombe gave an update on the position with regard to Warwickshire’s membership of the proposed Birmingham Super Region. The County Council was originally opposed to membership but more recently resolved to join. Negotiations are taking place for the County to retain control of funding for various services and to date agreement has been reached on the Police, Fire, and transport services. On local matters she requested that she be notified of concerns regarding any changes to the village’s bus services necessitated by Oxfordshire’s withdrawal of subsidies for transport. District Councillor Phillip Seccombe advised the meeting that our district boasts a 99.7% employment figure, the best in the country. In his recently elected capacity of Police and Crime Commissioner he stated that speeding, anti-social behaviour, and fly-tipping are the subjects of primary concern in our locality.

The meeting received a report from Bow Homes’ representative regarding the public consultation they held to hear the views of villagers on their proposal to build 8 dwellings on the David’s Orchard site along Rogers lane. There had been a mixed response but an application for Planning permission had been submitted and is awaiting validation. SDC has given the go-ahead for various residential alterations to the existing village shop premises and notified us on that day of the application for change of use to retail (described by Mr. Nardone at the May meeting) at No. 6 Banbury Rd.  It was not possible to discuss the latter as it had not been received in time for agenda inclusion but the deadline for comments precedes our July scheduled meeting and as it is considered a matter of some importance to the village it was resolved that an Extraordinary Meeting be convened on 22nd June to debate it.

The meeting resolved to overturn its January decision to apply for “village green” status for the playing fields following advice received since the Parish Council by owning the land already has control of it and is unlikely to agree to any proposals which are to its detriment. Councillors agreed a way forward for tree maintenance in the short and medium terms following the recent arboricultural report that had been commissioned. After due consideration it was also resolved that apart from seeking an acceptable means of deterring youngsters from climbing them and invading privacy the trees adjacent to the rear of No 48 would not be subjected to any pruning measures as had been requested by the owner. The Clerk would also write to the owners of No. 46 concerning the lack of a fence or hedge at the boundary to the playing fields. A request by the owner of 1, Farriers Yard for access across playing field land in order to remove vegetation that will accumulate from trimming back his boundary hedges will be added to the agenda for the Extraordinary meeting.


The Parish Council is desperate to co-opt extra members to increase its complement. At present if more than two Councillors are unable to attend meetings through illness or work, family, and holiday commitments it cannot function. This puts unfair pressure on the existing team, pressure that could so easily be alleviated by having others involved. Please contact the Clerk if you feel you could devote two hours, one evening a month, to the cause.


Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting of 22 June 2016

An extraordinary meeting of the parish council has been arranged for 22 June 2016 at 7.30 at the Community Centre.  The agenda and accompanying papers can be found by clicking on the Parish Council tab and from there the Agenda tab.

Parish Council Audit and Accounts

Each year the Parish Council is subject to a process of internal and external audit to ensure public accountability.  Parishioners have rights of inspection, questioning and objection and more detail can be found notice of exercise of public rights.

Further information can be found under the Audit/Accounts tab which is in the Parish Council section of this site.

Neighbourhood Plan Briefing

We’ve been making solid progress in recent months, thanks to the activity of a small number of hard-working Ettington residents and to our consultant Neil Pearce of Avon Planning. Since receiving a government grant we’ve been able to retain Neil’s expert services and he has re-drafted our early work into a proper draft Plan that follows all the proper rules and procedures.  He has also done an initial assessment of around ten possible sites that might be used as the basis for the limited and controlled building development that the community has shown that it prefers.


Over the next few weeks and months we will need more volunteers to support the Committee in taking this work forward. In particular we will need people prepared to help fill some of the gaps in the draft Plan by taking the lead in drafting a couple of paragraphs on topics where at the moment the draft is a bit thin.  There’s plenty of scope for anyone with an interest in or knowledge of such diverse topics as local business, drainage and the natural environment, to take a few examples at random. And no need to worry about getting it ‘right first time’ as nothing will go into the Plan until it has been checked by Neil to make sure it meets all the formal requirements.


Please come along to one of our meetings which are open to all residents and held at 7.30 on the 4th Wednesday in each month.  The next meeting will be on 25 May 2016 in the Ettington Community Centre and you will find all the information you need about our work on the ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ tab on the Ettington Parish Council website (http://www.ettington.org/parish-council/)

Note for Footpath Users

In certain places the paths which traverse arable fields are becoming unacceptably wide and encroaching onto the crop-sown area. This is unfair on the farmers/landowners. Walkers/ramblers are respectfully asked by the Parish Council to confine the footfall to the established pathways and avoid treading on the livelihoods of those who keep these recreational walkways open to us.

Speed Check – Volunteers Needed – find out more speed check volunteers needed

Ettington Parish Fund

Ettington Parish Fund is a registered Charity (Registered Charity Number 254957) “for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Ettington for which provision is not made out of rates, taxes or other public funds”.

The Parish Council, as Trustee of the Charity, resolved that the fund should be made available for the benefit of individuals resident in the Parish and more specifically for:

  • Educational expenditure, for example course fees, additional school activities, uniforms, educational books and equipment;
  • Membership fees and/or uniform costs for attending recognised organisations such as Cub Scouts, Brownies etc;
  • Training or associated costs to be incurred by an individual in support of work with voluntary organisations or charities, especially those benefiting the local community.

If you would be interested in applying for a grant then contact Sarah Furniss, Clerk to the Parish Council on 01789 295827, 07786938072 or epc.clerk@yahoo.com who will provide you with guidelines and an application form.

Sign Up For E-Mail Notifications

You can now sign up for e-mail updates on specific issues including planning, events and news.  We will shortly be adding neighbourhood plan to the list.  Just go to the relevant tab and on the right hand side of the screen you will see a box in which to put your e-mail address.  Once submitted you will receive an e-mail from which you can activate the process.

Assisted Waste Collection

An assisted waste collection service is provided to elderly and disabled residents and those with a medical condition who cannot take their waste and recycling receptacles (wheeled bins or sacks / recycling boxes) to the edge of the property boundary.

If a member of the houshold can move the receptables to the normal collection point then the property does not qualify for an assisted collection.

If an assisted collection is appropriate, receptacles will be collected from an agreed point on the property. Please note: access must be granted to collection crews to ensure this service can be carried out effectively.

We routinely review the assisted collection service list to establish if circumstances have changed and whether households still qualify for the service.

If you feel that you qualify and would benefit from this service, please contact us.

Contact us

If you would like more information or wish to speak to a member of the Council’s Streetscene team, please contact us:

Telephone: 01789 260616

Fax on 01789 260607, or

Email streetscene@stratford-dc.gov.uk


The Parish Council is concerned regarding dog fouling through the village and are considering what could be done to ensure that owners clear up after their dogs.  As a first step the Stratford upon Avon Dog Warden has been asked to include the playing field on her rota of “patrols”.  Below is information which the Dog Warden has supplied and we would ask for cooperation from residents to combat this problem.

SAFER STRATFORD – Tackling Dog Fouling

 One of the biggest environmental issues for residents in the district is dog fouling. Sadly, a number of dog-owners continue to let us all down. Parish Councils are now working in partnership with Stratford District Council Dog Warden Services in a bid to tackle the issue and clamp down on culprits.

THE LAW Failure to clean up after your dog is a criminal offence and could result in a £75 on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice. Non-payment could lead to a court fine of £1,000. There is no defence to claim ignorance of your dog’s actions and only registered blind owners of guide dogs are exempt.

Dog fouling carries a RISK TO PUBLIC HEALTH and the environment. Dog faeces carry harmful infections, the most widely known being Toxocariasis. This potentially serious infection is usually transmitted via hands, but can also be spread through the dogs themselves, along with belongings such as pushchair wheels and soles of shoes.

TOXOCARIASIS is mainly found in children between the age of 18 months and five years and can cause aches, dizziness, nausea, asthma and epileptic fits. Toxocariasis can even trigger blindness. There are about 120 recorded cases per year within the UK, very few of which are serious. Nevertheless, just one case is one case too many and is easily preventable.

There is a SIMPLE SOLUTION. Dog mess only contaminates the soil when left on the ground for around 2-3 weeks, as this is when the Toxocara eggs mature and become infectious. By ‘scooping the poop’ immediately, the threat of Toxocariasis is eliminated.

DOG FOULING STINKS! Not only is it a health hazard, but dog mess is an eyesore and a blight on our local environment. Footpaths, school playing fields, parks and other recreational areas are all compromised. By following these SIMPLE STEPS we can all work together to turn the tide on dog fouling. 

  • Where possible, set aside a designated area within your garden for your dog to use before you go out
  • Carry disposable bags to pick up after your dog
  • Avoid places where children play
  • Worm your dog at least every six months


Please leave only pawprints; obey the law and pick that dog poo off the floor.

If you see somebody failing to pick up after their dog and you know who they are or where they live, you can report it to the District Council  (01789 267575 lisaparkes@stratford-dc.gov.uk)  so that they can take enforcement action. We need the eyes and ears of local residents to help us tackle this problem.


And also…

If the website is to continue growing, we need help from more people. One enjoyable job would be to go through the village archives to pluck out insights into Ettington’s recent past – and perhaps even gather the stories of people who remember what went on in decades gone by. We already have a page on Ettington’s more distant history, here.

Picture of cakes decorated with cutouts of the Queen and Buckingham Palace

Hundreds of villagers enjoyed cakes and novelty sports at Ettington’s Diamond Jubilee party

Help from photographers is welcome too. If you haven’t seen the photographs of Ettington’s brilliant Jubilee celebrations, you’re missing out. Find them here.

This website is published by Ettington Parish Council with National Lottery funding. It has started modestly, but the hope is that it will grow to become an important part of community life. If you’d like to help in any way, please get in touch. You don’t need great technical or literary skills.