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Planning Inspectorate Report on Rogers Lane Development

The news that the Planning Inspectorate has rejected the appeal lodged by Charles Church in respect of Stratford District Council’s refusal for planning permission has been welcomed by many.  The  findings of the Inspector can be found here Rogers Lane Appeal Decision.

Assisted Waste Collection

An assisted waste collection service is provided to elderly and disabled residents and those with a medical condition who cannot take their waste and recycling receptacles (wheeled bins or sacks / recycling boxes) to the edge of the property boundary.

If a member of the houshold can move the receptables to the normal collection point then the property does not qualify for an assisted collection.

If an assisted collection is appropriate, receptacles will be collected from an agreed point on the property. Please note: access must be granted to collection crews to ensure this service can be carried out effectively.

We routinely review the assisted collection service list to establish if circumstances have changed and whether households still qualify for the service.

If you feel that you qualify and would benefit from this service, please contact us.

Contact us

If you would like more information or wish to speak to a member of the Council’s Streetscene team, please contact us:

Telephone: 01789 260616

Fax on 01789 260607, or



The Parish Council is concerned regarding dog fouling through the village and are considering what could be done to ensure that owners clear up after their dogs.  As a first step the Stratford upon Avon Dog Warden has been asked to include the playing field on her rota of “patrols”.  Below is information which the Dog Warden has supplied and we would ask for cooperation from residents to combat this problem.

SAFER STRATFORD – Tackling Dog Fouling

 One of the biggest environmental issues for residents in the district is dog fouling. Sadly, a number of dog-owners continue to let us all down. Parish Councils are now working in partnership with Stratford District Council Dog Warden Services in a bid to tackle the issue and clamp down on culprits.

THE LAW Failure to clean up after your dog is a criminal offence and could result in a £75 on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice. Non-payment could lead to a court fine of £1,000. There is no defence to claim ignorance of your dog’s actions and only registered blind owners of guide dogs are exempt.

Dog fouling carries a RISK TO PUBLIC HEALTH and the environment. Dog faeces carry harmful infections, the most widely known being Toxocariasis. This potentially serious infection is usually transmitted via hands, but can also be spread through the dogs themselves, along with belongings such as pushchair wheels and soles of shoes.

TOXOCARIASIS is mainly found in children between the age of 18 months and five years and can cause aches, dizziness, nausea, asthma and epileptic fits. Toxocariasis can even trigger blindness. There are about 120 recorded cases per year within the UK, very few of which are serious. Nevertheless, just one case is one case too many and is easily preventable.

There is a SIMPLE SOLUTION. Dog mess only contaminates the soil when left on the ground for around 2-3 weeks, as this is when the Toxocara eggs mature and become infectious. By ‘scooping the poop’ immediately, the threat of Toxocariasis is eliminated.

DOG FOULING STINKS! Not only is it a health hazard, but dog mess is an eyesore and a blight on our local environment. Footpaths, school playing fields, parks and other recreational areas are all compromised. By following these SIMPLE STEPS we can all work together to turn the tide on dog fouling. 

  • Where possible, set aside a designated area within your garden for your dog to use before you go out
  • Carry disposable bags to pick up after your dog
  • Avoid places where children play
  • Worm your dog at least every six months


Please leave only pawprints; obey the law and pick that dog poo off the floor.

If you see somebody failing to pick up after their dog and you know who they are or where they live, you can report it to the District Council  (01789 267575  so that they can take enforcement action. We need the eyes and ears of local residents to help us tackle this problem.


Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan team have now received the analysis of the recently conducted village questionniare. At the latest meeting of the team it was decided to request that Stratford District Council conduct further in depth analysis of the responses of three of the main salient questions. The team have now begun to shape the format of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and individual members have been tasked with drafting their allocated section(s) by the end of June.

Our small team certainly doesn’t have all the expertise and knowledge necessary to produce the final Plan and when we have finished the draft there are bound to be gaps.  At that point we will have to call upon other villagers to help fill those gaps with their own local knowledge.  We will be flagging up topics where we need help on this website and hope we will be able to count on you to help out.

We will keep you informed of progress.

NP Team

See previous updates by clicking on “Neighbourhood Plan” tab and then the “Updates”.   Other information can be found – for instance the results of the Questionnaire can be found under “Evidence”.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have commissioned a Biodiversity Survey which can be found by clicking on the Evidence tab under Neighbourhood Plan.  The Plan will be funded from a grant from “Groundworks” which has recently been granted to the Parish Council for the purpose of advancing the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Grant, of £999 will also be used to fund publicity materials.

Latest News

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Resurfacing of A422 through Pillerton Priors

Resurfacing work is scheduled to take place on the A422 at Pillerton Priors between 9 - 17 September[...]
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September 2015 Newsletter now available

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Re-live the fun of Ettington church fete – in pictures

600 fete 0751Perfect weather was organised for the 2013 Ettington church fete – and there are some fun pictures on this site to prove it. The tractor rides, offering fabulous views across the village and over towards the Cotswolds, were a particular highlight.

Find the gallery here.

If you’re featured in any of the pictures you’re welcome to download them for sharing on Facebook and such sites – but please give a link back to our gallery.

Coming soon: Ettington’s new online parish newsletter

Ettington’s September parish newsletter is out – and it’s moving into the modern age. Though printed copies are still available for those who request them, and some can be found in places such as the parish church, the decision has been made to reduce printing costs and publish it online.

It should appear on this website within the next few days.

If you’re worried about missing community events that are advertised in the paper, do remember that there is an events guide on this site: and the most immediate events are promoted on the top right-hand corner of every page.

If you’re an event organiser, why not contact the site directly to let us know what you’re planning? All publicity helps.

Sarah keeps up with the news

A warm welcome is extended to Ettington’s new parish clerk, Sarah Furniss. Not only is she taking the parish councillors firmly in hand, but she’s begun keeping this website up to date as well. Lots of valuable information about grants schemes and the like drops into her inbox, and she is sharing it with the community via our news pages. The latest stories appear on the right hand side of every page – do keep a look out.

Feline soggy: Coco’s wet walkies end up on TV

Click the pic to see the story

Click the pic to see the story

Coco, a rather elderly and battered but much-loved Ettington cat, has made the TV news after undergoing hydrotherapy treatment for her arthritis (which hasn’t been helped by her being run over). Owner Collette Inman says it’s been so successful she’s now climbing trees again, at the age of 16.

As the ITV website puts it: “A paddling puss? Who would have thought it!” Read more here

New kitchen ready for next village breakfast – Saturday 14 September

urnThe new kitchen at Ettington Community Centre is now finished, thanks to a lottery grant and the efforts of villager Jamie Hall, who ripped out the old one and fitted the new. Click here to see more pictures.

The new cookers, urn and dishwashers will make life easier for hosts of the popular village breakfasts.

Comment made at the Annual Parish Meeting: “I’d like a village breakfast where everyone has to come in their pyjamas.”

Keyboards and cakes: home-workers’s fortnightly get-together

Annette Gann and her subtle incentives

Annette Gann and her subtle incentives

There’s a real buzz at the new drop-in days set up by villager Annette Gann for people who work from home, and fancy “a day at the office”.

They’re also a good advertisement for the community centre, says Annette. “They come along and can’t believe how modern it is, and how roomy.”

Read our feature here.

One man’s lazy, hazy, crazy early morning

Slide 640 2
Our photographer was up early: a rare event. The cry went up: “Hold the front page!”

So we did. Find more pictures here.

Laurence brings out the beauty of the landscape 

If you missed the annual Ettington exhibition of paintings by Laurence Dingley, don’t worry: console yourself by reading our feature about the work of this acclaimed artist, and his quest to bring out the beauty of the south Warwickshire countryside. He’s even taken to paddling a canoe down the River Stour in search of inspiration.

Laurence’s studio in the village is always open to visitors. Read more

Fancy being our events editor? 

The events guide is one of the most important features of this website, but it can only work if event organisers tell us about what’s happening via the Contact link at the top of the screen.

We need an events editor. It’s actually quite fun keeping track of what’s going on, and the job is not technically demanding. If anyone would relish the chance to promote all the things happening in our area, and enrich community life in the process, please contact Simon on 01789 748224 or get in touch via the Contact link.

Rovers are red…

A dedicated band of supporters turns out for home matches on the ground near Ettington Chase.

It must have one of the best views of any in Warwickshire, but the players might have other things on their minds.

Click here for a gallery of pictures of the team in action against Bubbenhall. For details of fixtures, visit the Ettington Rovers website.

And today’s reading is on the web

screen grab of the banner of stourdene.orgEttington’s parish church has gone live on the web, along with the other five parishes that make up the Stourdene Benefice. Click on our news page for a piece by webmaster Neil Clarke on all the riches to be found on the new benefice website,

Neil has kindly agreed to look after the church pages on as well.

You can sign up at, the micro-blogging website, for concise pearls of wisdom from our vicar, Cath. Follow @stourdene. Cath also has a blog on the benefice website, which includes a recent post on an animal service.

And also…

If the website is to continue growing, we need help from more people. One enjoyable job would be to go through the village archives to pluck out insights into Ettington’s recent past – and perhaps even gather the stories of people who remember what went on in decades gone by. We already have a page on Ettington’s more distant history, here.

Picture of cakes decorated with cutouts of the Queen and Buckingham Palace

Hundreds of villagers enjoyed cakes and novelty sports at Ettington’s Diamond Jubilee party

Help from photographers is welcome too. If you haven’t seen the photographs of Ettington’s brilliant Jubilee celebrations, you’re missing out. Find them here.

This website is published by Ettington Parish Council with National Lottery funding. It has started modestly, but the hope is that it will grow to become an important part of community life. If you’d like to help in any way, please get in touch. You don’t need great technical or literary skills.