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Skatepark Open Letter

A parishioner recently wrote an open letter to Ettington Parish Council (with the writers permission this can be found Open letter to EPC.  The Council considered the content of the letter at their November meeting and agreed the following response response to open letter.  The correspondent replied: I think the PC are missing the point. They may well have gone through their normal process, however, based on the responses you had when people finally became aware of the project, it is obvious that this does not work. I would suggest a review of the communication process is undertaken to ensure that people are more aware / engaged for any future potentially contentious projects, especially those most affected by them. 

TEMPORARY ORDERS A429 HALFORD ROAD/FOSSE WAY, B4455 FOSSE WAY & C31 HALFORD ROAD, HALFORD (Temporary Road Closure, Convoy Working and Temporary 40 mph Speed Limit) – commencing 18th November 2019.  Click on the links below to find out more:

Skatepark Planning Application

The Planning Application in respect of the Skatepark has been withdrawn, on a temporary basis, to allow for an acoustic assessment to be undertaken and a Stopping Up Order applied for in respect of Footpath SD67e.


Parish Council News

There were 4 Councillors, the District Councillor, the Clerk, the Community Centre Secretary and some 15 members of the public in attendance at the September meeting. The burning issues which attracted the majority were the proposed Skatepark and the District Council’s “site allocation plan” for extra housing should it be needed over and above the 15,000 already identified in its Core Strategy.

The principal concern regarding the skatepark was the potential noise disturbance to the nearest residents and the Council was asked to explain why a noise survey/report had not been commissioned prior to submission of the planning application.  The Youth Project Team advised that a report relating to a similar project at Cherry Hinton submitted to them  by the providers gave sufficient assurances in relation to ambient noise for them to consider such a survey unnecessary, and that in any case the Planning Office will insist on this course of action if they, via the Environmental Health dept., also have such misgivings.  Councillors refuted the contention that the facility would have only 3 or 4 users and advised that the surfaces whilst not totally graffiti proof could relatively easily be cleaned and maintained.

There is widespread alarm at the prospect of a further 75 houses being imposed on the village during the lifespan of the current DC Core Strategy 2011-2031 as suggested by its recently broadcast “site allocation plan” (SAP). The parish council pledged to object to the inclusion of Ettington in the list of potential sites on the grounds that it already has a ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan with a ‘strategic reserve site’ and so this would be contrary to SAP criteria and the Core Strategy. Reasons for objection to the individual sites will also be stated even though strictly speaking they should not be necessary. It was resolved that the Clerk would convey the text of the PC’s objection to a worthy band of villagers who would canvass as many residents as possible to sign their names to a collective individuals’ representation conveying the strength of feeling around the village.

On planning matters the council resolved to follow up its original objection to the various revisions to the application previously granted for the development off Banbury accessed via a demolished No 81 on the grounds that the revisions do not address the issues raised. Obstructive vegetation on public footpaths featured again in the Open Forum and the meeting resolved that henceforth Cllrs. Collins and Henry will monitor and speak to residents if applicable or report to the Clerk for onward transmission where a local agency is at fault. The Hockley Lane/Hillman Way path was mentioned in particular. The meeting deferred discussion on the ‘earmarked financial reserves account” and a forward plan for commitments until October when the July request for more toddler play facilities will be considered. The PC approved the engagement of a contractors to refurbish and smarten the old play equipment; and also a firm to carry out the recommendations of the recent tree survey.  Parishioners are reminded that if they observe blatant speeding infringements or excessively noisy vehicles 101 is the number to call for the incident to be logged.

NEXT MEETING : WEDNESDAY 9TH  OCTOBER, 19.30HRS – Community Centre Lounge


Skatepark Planning Application Submitted

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that the Planning Application has been submitted.  As soon as it is ‘live’ (undergone the initial checking process by Stratford District Council) a further update will be posted.  In the interim the documents submitted are listed below:

307 – P401B Location Plan(1)

307 – P402B Proposed site plan(1)

307 – P404 Access Compound Plan

307 – S302 Proposed Elevations (colour)

307 – S501A Civil Detail


CIL Final

Design and Access Statement – to submit

tree report

Parish Council and Community Centre News

Both updates can be found here Parish Council & Community Centre Submission



Is a door to door community transport scheme for anyone who struggles to use public transport due to mobility issues, health problems or lack of public transport in the area.

Operates 09:30 – 14:30 every weekday in some areas & on specific weekdays in others.

Go shopping, visit a friend or get to leisure activities. Not for medical appointments.

Fare per journey ranges from £2.20 to £2.90

To register with UBUS or for more  info ring 01789 264 491.  More information 1228 UBUS DL leaflet MAY19



The issue of facilities for young people was initially an agenda item at the PC meeting held on 8 October 2014 following an approach to one of the Councillors. It has been a regular agenda item since then.  Agendas are posted on www.ettington.org and the PC Notice Boards, in accordance with requirements, prior to the meetings.   Since the shop relocated notices have been posted at the shop providing the time and venue and where the agenda can be seen.  Though the Parish Council doesn’t have a Facebook presence the meetings have usually been notified on the Ettington Community Facebook page.  Minutes are posted following the meeting, again on the website and noticeboards.  A summary of meetings is included in the Village News.

The Parish Meetings held in May 2018 and 2019 had details of progress and plans in respect of the Skatepark.

In addition the following have provided opportunity for parishioners to learn more about plans and/or to provide comment.

In summer of 2016 Warwickshire Rural Community Council undertook, on EPCs behalf, a Housing Needs Survey. Approximately 480 copies of the survey were distributed with 151 being returned.  See full report Ettington HNS report August2016. A section was included to offer respondents an opportunity to comment on how they would like to see community funding spent.   There were 67 suggestions made in response to this question.  Some of these were not appropriate for Parish Council funding because they fell within the remit of another authority.  For example:

Library, upkeep of footpaths, improvements to school, more frequent buses, roadside verge cutting , day centre for elderly, traffic calming, roundabout at junction with Fosse (Warwickshire County Council)

Medical Facilities, pharmacy (National Health Service)

Other issues have since been addressed:

Bus shelter/drop off pick up area for school. Width of pavements doesn’t allow for a bus shelter but following a parishioner contacting Warwickshire County Council and Ettington Parish Council the morning pick up point has been moved to where the pavement is wider.

MUGA (courts) having free access : The court is now open with priority for booked/payed for sessions.  Replacement goal posts have been ordered and the Parish Council continues to look at how its use can be increased by, for instance, by replacing the current surface with all-purpose/all-weather surface.

Below are verbatim comments from the report which relate to the playing field:

More playing field equipment

Running cycle track

Adult/teenage equipment

Upgraded playground equipment

Upgraded tennis facilities


Basketball court (free)

BBQ area/picnic area/teenage/adult area

More play equipment. Such a big field, not enough in it really.

Equipment/facilities for teenagers

Childrens recreation – varied ages

Skatepark in the park?

The all-weather court on playing field needs a revamp

Stuff for teenagers to do

More picnic tables/seating near park

Zip wire at park

Skateboard/scooter park

Definitely more leisure equipment for older children. ?Skate park? More advanced climbing frame/wall

Skatepark or equipment for teenagers

Resources for teenagers/young adults.

Skatepark or the like. Tennis court being free to use – then it would be used.

Skatepark. Circuit training

Cricket Pitch

BMX/cycle park

All weather sports facility/tennis court (improvements). Skate park or similar type of facility for teenagers;

More playground equipment, particularly toddlers/preschool and primary age. Plus enclosed fencing and removal of concrete slabs in play area to improve safety.

Playing field equipment

Playing field is fine.

A teenager facility for sure but no idea what?

An initial consultation was held on 14 October 2016 (which was advertised via posters around the village)

Proposals put forward and voted on were:

Wheeled Play Area                                         65

Green Gym/Fitness                                        10

Climbing /Adventure Equipment              10

Ball Play                                                             7

Youth Shelter                                                    6

Table Tennis                                                       1

There was also an opportunity for attendees to suggest other ideas and these were:

All weather football pitch                                1

Chip Shop                                                            1

Dirt Ramps/Park                                               1

Mc Chicken Filet                                                1

Family BBQ area                                                1

Lido                                                                       1

Floodlights                                                          1

Skateboards and scooters in a shelter

By the wheeled play area                                  1

Half Pipe                                                              2

Skatepark                                                            18

Monkey Bars                                                        1

Zipwire                                                                 2

A follow up consultation was held in January 2017 with flyers being delivered to all households and posters displayed around the village. The purpose of this meeting was:

  • Provide feedback on the consultation and to provide a further opportunity to have say on preferred installation(s)
  • Announce periods of open access to Multi-Use Games Area
  • Progress formation of a Youth Council (to represent the young people of the parish and to progress projects as agreed by the Parish Council)
  • To answer any questions which arise

The June 2017 Neighbourhood Plan Consultation also made reference to the Skatepark.

Articles appeared in the Stratford Herald in November 2017 http://www.stratford-herald.com/81596-dinner-and-dance-to-boost-youth-council-funds.html – aide memoir and will be removed. and October 2018 http://www.stratford-herald.com/92284-ettington-skatepark-moves-step-closer-reality.html

Decision Making Process

Progress was initially slow but once it was known that £66,820 of Section 106 Funding would be ‘gifted’ to the Parish, for the purposes of off site open space development, from the Spitfire Development, impetus was revived.

With the Skatepark having received the highest number of votes at the consultation held in October 2016 it was agreed that this should be the central project. Though the youth shelter received only six votes this was the most popular choice by girls and it was agreed that this would be the first purchase and it was installed in summer of 2018.  Despite fears, there has been no graffiti and it is largely litter free with users taking advantage of a bin installed close to the shelter.

Research was undertaken regarding the advantages and disadvantages of two types of construction with the following outcome:

Poured Concrete Pre-cast steel and wood
Highly durable Less durable
Quieter Very noisy
Expensive Much less expensive
Excellent ride surface Poor ride surface
Can be designed for both inexperienced and experienced riders Limited design options
Allows for inclusion of range of challenges Fewer options for building in challenge


Based on research it was agreed that, though more expensive the poured concrete would be more suitable.

It was realised that additional funding would be required and the Youth Council held two fundraising events being held on 1 May 2017 and a second in November 2017 – these raised £590 and £220 respectively.

The Youth Council worked up a mission statement  and logo  Mission Statement which formed the basis for a number of grant applications which were successful and contributed :

Tesco Bags of Help                                                         £1,000

Waitrose Community Fund                                          £213.00

Lottery Grant                                                                     £10,000

Warwickshire County Council Councillor Grant    £1,500

The Parish Council agreed to additional funding which resulted in a total budget of £100,000.

The decision having been reached that a poured concrete park (suitable for use across the skill range by skateboarders, scooter and BMX riders) be commissioned and a core group of the Youth Council worked on the specification.  The ESPO Framwork 115 was used for the tender with five companies being invited to tender of which four submitted tenders.

A robust selection procedure was used which included value for money, guarantee and responsiveness to specification. In addition the Youth Council were invited to view and comment on the designs submitted.  This resulted in the contract being awarded to Canvas Spaces on 25 September 2018.

The purpose of the open meeting on 24 July 2019 was to enable parishioners to see the design and ask any questions rather than a further consultation and it was advertised by posters with  flyers to householders backing onto the playing field.  Though no formal statistics were gathered a number of attendees considered it a good idea and the concerns of others were partially or mainly addressed though, inevitably, the concerns of all were not allayed.

Attendees were invited to make suggestions for further improvement and four people left comments:

Adult Pre-school School Age Across the ages
Outdoor Gym Equipment Toddler equipment (eg sandpit) Something for older children (eg climbing wall), monkey bars All weather pitch for 5 a-side (the muga not having a suitable surface
Green Gym Climbing frame KS2 Primary/Secondary
Adult Exercise Equipment


In view of the fact that a contract has been awarded Planning Permission will now be applied for and, once ‘live’ the Parish Council will use all possible means, in the time allowed, to notify parishioners in order that they can make representation to Stratford District Council.

5 August 2019




Ettington Parish Fund

Ettington Parish Fund is a registered Charity (Registered Charity Number 254957) “for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Ettington for which provision is not made out of rates, taxes or other public funds”.

The Parish Council, as Trustee of the Charity, resolved that the fund should be made available for the benefit of individuals resident in the Parish and more specifically for:

  • Educational expenditure, for example course fees, additional school activities, uniforms, educational books and equipment;
  • Membership fees and/or uniform costs for attending recognised organisations such as Cub Scouts, Brownies etc;
  • Training or associated costs to be incurred by an individual in support of work with voluntary organisations or charities, especially those benefiting the local community.

If you would be interested in applying for a grant then contact Sarah Furniss, Clerk to the Parish Council on 01789 295827, 07786938072 or epc.clerk@yahoo.com who will provide you with guidelines and an application form.

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