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The issue of the Butlers Marston Chicken Factory Application was an agenda item for Ettington Parish Council at their June 2019 meeting.  Due to being told the Environmental Permit application was being withdrawn the matter was not discussed.  We have now been informed as below:



Three requests to Hugh Forsyth by the Parish Council to withdraw the Intensive Poultry Environmental Permit application have now been ignored. To be clear, a simple email from Hugh to the Environment Agency is all that is required – this is not a difficult, costly or lengthy task…

The deadline for the Environment Agency public consultation is now only a few days away, so please act now and submit your objection before the end of the week.


Points that the Environment Agency will give most weight to are listed in the link below and include:

  • Odour
  • Noise, eg fans, machinery, vehicles
  • Pollution impact on plants and wildlife
  • Impact on water courses, eg pollution and flooding
  • Light


Note that traffic, once vehicles leave the site is not considered in this part of the process.


The best way to do this is online.

Go to: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/cv35-0na-tubbs-end-farms-ltd/

And click on: Online Consultation

Or go direct to:


If you want help with this, please contact a member of the Steering Committee or phone The Environment Agency Land Team on 03708 506 506 quoting reference CV35 0NA, Tubbs End Farms Ltd, EPR/LP3339QF/A001: environmental permit consultation.


Many thanks

The Steering Committee

Closure of Avon Close 15 July 2019

Find details here Avon Close Road Closure 15 July 2019 and

Annual Audit

The annual audit has now been completed with all documentation having been sent to PKF Littlejohn (the external auditors) for review.  The audit paperwork can be found by clicking the ‘audit/accounts’ tab under the ‘Parish Council’ tab.  Feel free to raise any queries direct with the Clerk in line with public rights

Road Safety

Following parishioner raising the issues of lorries parking on the corner of Banbury Road and Churchill Close the Parish Council contacted the Shipston Safer Neighbourhood Team to ask for their advice on how this can be addressed.  PC Craig Purcell suggested:

The larger vehicles may be from nearby construction sites and we can speak to site bosses to try and prevent issues. They’re usually pretty good and might even put a sign up.’
We can also talk directly to companies to get the message across so please do encourage emailing us with photographs of large vehicle with company logos. Emails need to go to shipston.snt@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk

Finally, where neither of the above is appropriate, try ‘Operation Snap’  a website where photos/videos and statements can be uploaded and are then accessed by the relevant Police Force – click on the following link https://www.nextbase.com/en-gb/national-dash-cam-safety-portal









Ettington Parish Fund

Ettington Parish Fund is a registered Charity (Registered Charity Number 254957) “for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Ettington for which provision is not made out of rates, taxes or other public funds”.

The Parish Council, as Trustee of the Charity, resolved that the fund should be made available for the benefit of individuals resident in the Parish and more specifically for:

  • Educational expenditure, for example course fees, additional school activities, uniforms, educational books and equipment;
  • Membership fees and/or uniform costs for attending recognised organisations such as Cub Scouts, Brownies etc;
  • Training or associated costs to be incurred by an individual in support of work with voluntary organisations or charities, especially those benefiting the local community.

If you would be interested in applying for a grant then contact Sarah Furniss, Clerk to the Parish Council on 01789 295827, 07786938072 or epc.clerk@yahoo.com who will provide you with guidelines and an application form.

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You can now sign up for e-mail updates on specific issues including planning, events and news.  We will shortly be adding neighbourhood plan to the list.  Just go to the relevant tab and on the right hand side of the screen you will see a box in which to put your e-mail address.  Once submitted you will receive an e-mail from which you can activate the process.

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