Ettington Parish Council aims to be open, transparent, responsive and a good employer. The following Policies and Procedures have to produced and adopted to support this aim. There is a requirement that all Policies and Procedures are re-adopted at the Annual Meeting in May each year. All policies were readopted in May 2019 unless adopted after this date. Due to Covid-19 the requirement to have an Annual Meeting has been suspended and the Policies and Procedures will be adopted at the earliest meeting possible.

Football Pitch Working Group Terms of Reference - readopted 5 May 2021

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference - Youth Project Group - Revised and readopted August 2021

Ear Marked Reserves Policy - Reviewed May 2023

Approach to be taken to EMR

Financial Regulations Reviewed May 2023

Regulations in respect of all financial matters

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme adopted 8 January 2014 and reviewed May 2023

complaints procedure adopted 11 December 2013 and readopted May 2023

Policy and Protocol on Dealing with the Press and Media and Filming, Recording and Broadcasting of Meetings reviewed May 2023

Document Retention April 2019 Reviewed May 2023

Virtual Meeting Protocol - adopted May 2020 and readopted May 2023

Staff Handbook - readopted 5 May 2023

Code of Conduct – adopted May 2022. Reviewed May 2023

Councillors Induction Guide adopted May 2019 and readopted May 2023

Staff Recruitment Policy Adopted September 2021. Reviewed May 2023

process for recruitment

Scheme of Delegation - adopted May 2020 and readopted May 2023

Standing Orders - readopted 5 May 2023

Appraisal policy – readopted May 2023

Staff Grievance May 2023

Councillor Expenses readopted May 2023

Gifts and Hospitality Policy readopted May 2023

GDPR Policy and Procedure - readopted May 2023

Use of Resources - readopted May 2023

Social Media Policy - readopted May 2023

Cooption of Councillors - Readopted May 2023

Policy describing approach to cooption of councillors.

Staff disciplinary procedure adopted 12 August 2015 and reviewed May 2023

Grants Policy- readopted May 2023

Assets Register- Updated November 2023

Community Centre Working Group Terms of Reference- adopted January 2024